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Hyperflex Booties

We carry Hyperflex AMP 5mm Round Toe and Split Toe Booties.

GBS Seams
Double-glued and blind-stitched seams using a single-needle which does not puncture a hole all the way through the neoprene which prevents water from leaking in while also maintaining a highly flexible and low-profile construction.
TaperLockā„¢ Closure
High-stretch, tapered panel sewn on the boot entry that limits cold-water flushing while also improving ease of entry/exit.
Neoprene engineered for improved warmth and durability with focus on comfort and complete flexibility for maximum range of motion and control.
DiamondSkin Sole
Provides excellent traction and protection without losing feeling and control. Miniature diamond-shaped channels provide consistent grip in all directions while allowing water to migrate away from in-between the boot and the board.
P4 Thermal Lining
Soft microfiber fleece for extra cushion and comfort with heat boosting insulation properties.
ExoShell+ Membrane
Vulcanized heel lock membrane structure that connects to the upper arch strap for maximum adjustability, fit and support.

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